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Fortnite gets a 'Trello board' to track all things Battle Royale and Save the World

Published: 21:34, 26 February 2018
Epic Games
A poster showing three characters from the game Fortnite Battle Royale
Epic Games: Fortnite Battle Royale

All us Fortnite Battle Royale fanatics and control freaks now have a go-to place when it comes to all things Fortnite. Epic Games have announced the project is getting a Trello board - a real-time roadmap to check with our breakfasts.

You know, with the tempo at which Fortnite devs have been rolling out their seemingly , we're really going to make good use of the Trello board.

Epic says the board will track "the hottest community issues and their progress". The board itself says that its purpose is to provide "awareness of top community issues and their status", meaning users can see exactly what to expect in following updates.

Epic Games A screenshot of an webpage listing priorities for development of the game Fortnite Epic Games: Fortnite Battle Royale Trello board

Among the top issues to be addressed in Battle Royale mode are bugs that prevent equipping/using weapons in the early game, as well as certain issues with players unable to build.

An issue obviously missing from the lists is the reason why I seem to be losing most games even though I'm fairly certain I'm the real deal. It is quite certain that a lot of players are experiencing the same problem. I fully expect Epic to address this in one of the following updates, otherwise I'll have to call it a broken game, and my fellow player's cheaters until the end of time.

The Fortnite team seems to have already fixed the double pump exploit, whereby players who have two shotguns could shoot one, then quickly switch to the second one, effectively granting them two shots in rapid succession.

Unfortunately, it appears that the issue has only been replicated with the Hand Cannon, the new heavy ammo spewing mother of all hand wielded means of Battle Royale destruction. The Fortnite team already has a sneaky usage in mind, and in this respect - the double pump won't be bothering me.

Jokes aside, we suppose the issue will hit the Trello board soon but until then - you can go and stick the page somewhere in your bookmarks.

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