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Fortnite gets double barrel shotgun and new LTM Steady Storm

Published: 10:02, 07 August 2018
Epic Games
Newly added Fortnite: Battle Royale weapon, the double barrel shotgun
Fortnite, double barrel shotgun

In case you consider yourself a shotgun connoisseur, it's time to throw your cosmetic hat in the air as Epic's latest update to Fortnite: Battle Royale adds a double barrel shotgun alongside a new limited time mode called Steady Storm.

Fortnite's double barrel shotgun promises to inflict a world of pain on any poor sod that happens to close enough to receive the, ahem, gift. It fires 10 pellets, just like every other shotgun, only at a much larger spread.

It comes in epic and legendary variants, which deal up to 143 and 150 base damage per shot at extreme close range. As you'd expect, the damage severely drops off with distance, so the shotgun should be close to useless at range.

The double barrel shotgun has a lower critical multiplier at 1.25x and Epic made sure there's no cheating either. Namely, it takes 2 seconds to swap weapons, so there will be no tactics where you unload a shotgun and switch to another weapon.

As for the Steady Storm LTM, this is sort of what you would get when you combined Fortnite's regular storms with Jason's relentless, albeit slow, pursuit. Matches still last 15 minutes, only this time there are no safe zone circles. 

What this means for Fortnite matches is that you'll have to be much more mindful of your positioning throughout matches, since the storm never stops. It does 10 damage per second by the way.

Note that Epic will be tracking profile stats, i.e. kill to death ratios and wins for this mode, so if you happen to do well, you may end up being invited to events where you can actually earn money. It's exactly what happened to the winner of Epic's Summer Skirmish, who ended up taking home $130,000.

Epic Games A man pushing a woman in a shopping cart in Fortnite: Battle Royale Fortnite, Steady Storm LTM

Do however try to be constantly good, because many members of Fortnite's community haven't taken kindly to a Destiny fan, meaning outsider, simply upping his game to take home the prize. The mathematical discrepancies meant Epic was but the entire thing ended on a positive note.

Fortnite: Battle Royale, Season 5 of Epic's monster

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