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Fortnite event lets community work together to win Falling Leaf Wraps

Published: 18:49, 28 November 2019
Epic Games
Fortnite, animated Falling Leaf Wrap
Fortnite, animated Falling Leaf Wrap

If you've been hoping to refresh your Fortnite wraps with some seasonal goodies, then Epic Games have you covered in the new community-based event called Autumn Queen's Quest, where players work together to win animated Falling Leaf Wraps.

The event has kicked off today, 28 November and will last until 1 December, so it's not exactly ample time to unlock it. However, Autumn Queen's Quest isn't about winning it on your own, so the entire Fortnite community should have your back on this one. 

What you need to do is play a single Fortnite match from now until 1 December and you'll be eligible for the animated Falling Leaf. The rest of the event is not unlike Pokemon GO events, where if the community hits a certain number of points, everyone gets one. 

In this case, it's 2,500,000,000 points by 8pm ET on 1 December. Note that it may take a few days for everyone to get their Wraps, but Epic said it will be no later than 6 December. 

The point system works as follows:

  • Heal allies with the Bandage Bazooka - 1 point per 1HP healed
  • Revive a teammate  - 2 points
  • Play a match with a Friend - 5 points

At the moment, the community is at 64,269,301, so quite some way to go.

"There are no unwanted guests this holiday, thanks to the entire Fortnite Fam for droppin' in", Epic wrote.

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As usual, Epic keep shaking up the Fortnite experience, with their last event challenging fans with fishing in Triggerfish's Fishing Frenzy. 

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