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Fortnite disappears into black hole - when can we expect it back?

Published: 21:23, 14 October 2019
Updated: 21:39, 14 October 2019
Epic Games
Black Hole as depicted in Fortnite
Fortnite's Black Hole

Epic Games went full Interstellar in the conclusion to Season X of Fortnite, as the asteroids ended up wiping away the island and the game. All that's left of Fortnite is a black hole, in fact, so outrageous fan-made theories have begun.

By now, we've learned that Epic like spectacular surprises, and what better way to amplify the wow-factor than with some abstinence. Hopefully, what seems like the longest break since launch will turn into the biggest surprise since launch.

Launching Fortnite brings up a video feed of a black hole, and the same goes for the website and streaming accounts - it's a proper blackout. 

Well, there is a single exception to this, as Fortnite players found that inputting the Konami code activates a mini-game, but that's as close to any gameplay as you'll get. By the way, the Konami code is - UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, B/O, A/X, START/ENTER.

been hinting at mournful goodbyes and cataclysmic events for a while now, but most players expected the standard thematic overhaul that focuses on overhauling a single region. Fortnite's data miners found names of new points of interest (POI) whose names closely resemble those on the now-Interstellared island. Frenzy Farm, Weeping Woods, Lazy Lake - ring any bells?

Also leaked was the Chapter 2 - Season 11 trailer, which confirmed features like boats, fishing and even carrying bodies of your fallen teammates, which is one of those things that makes perfect sense as soon as someone else has thought of it.

Unless Epic were pulling pranks in the trailer, Chapter 2 will let Fortnite players hide in dumpsters, from where they can ambush other unsuspecting players. Hopefully, those turn out to be less trash than this strategy.

Fortnite's change of seasons is usually the event to witness but I personally developed a taste for fan theories, some of which can be pretty educational and/or imaginative. They rarely turn out accurate, but that's not the point - having people write essays on Egyptian, Sumerian or Aztec mythology in anticipation of a new season is not something you see every day.

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