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Fortnite - Deadpool's plunger location

Published: 14:21, 06 March 2020
High Moon Studios

Next week of Fortnite's Deadpool challenge will bring the players who completed the weekly challenges his katanas back bling. The first two weeks of Deadpool Fortnite challenges rewarded the players with a spray. Week three is no different.

Fortnite's Deadpool challenge will reward the players with his katanas back bling next week. For those who haven't started the scavenger hunt yet, Deadpool’s letter to Epic Games can be found in his hideout just lying there on the floor. Click it, read it, go on to the next one.

Deadpool's milk carton is once again stashed away in his hideout. You'll find the milk carton on top of the urinal. Because of course.

Deadpool's beloved chimichangas also found their way into the weekly challenges. The first one is under the table to the right of the kaboom cylinder. You can find it by clicking the Battle Pass tab and viewing the agents' table. The second chimichanga is at Maya's upgrade vault. The snack is located to Maya's right. The third and final chimichanga is on the table in Agent Brutus’ briefing room.

The inaugural two weeks of Deadpool Fortnite challenges rewarded the players with a spray. Week three follows suit and you'll get the Wade Grenade spray for your troubles.

Epic Games Fortnite - Wade Grenade spray Fortnite - Wade Grenade spray

Deadpool Fortnite challenges for its third week haven't been released yet, but the data miners have pickaxes of their own and have uncovered the upcoming challenges: 

  • Find Deadpool’s toilet plunger (1)
  • Dead toilets (3)

Deadpool's toilet plunger location

Keep in mind that the information presented here is not official and the final location of the item might be somewhat different. 

The plunger should be located in TNTinas room and you’ll find it on the yellow wall towards the top right.

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