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Fortnite data mine reveals Stranger Things challenges, new events

Published: 14:01, 18 June 2019
Poster for Netflix show Stranger Things
Stranger Things

Just as Fortnite got its latest patch bringing Chug Splash and Prop Hunt, data mining revealed that Epic's battle royale will soon be getting a Stranger Things set of challenges, new events and a slew of new skins and items to boot.

We're looking at yet another of Fortnite's cinematic crossovers, but so far, there's more that we don't know about Stranger Things in Fortnite than we do.

Resident Fortnite leakster going under the Twitter handle of Lucas7Yoshi has found traces of code referring to Stranger Things in Fortnite's 9.30 update. There is also a slew of cosmetic items both related and unrelated to Netflix's show.

"As part of the stranger things set, there is presumably a "Demogorgon" skin, based on the presence of a string matching that and being added this patch", Lucas7yoshi wrote, suggesting that his lack of knowledge on the series probably needs a fan interpretation.

In terms of new cosmetics, Fortnite mining revealed Chrysalis Crew, Focal Point, Stormlight, Red Lily, Roughneck, Bigfoot, Total Control, Flamingo, Stranger Things and Banner Brigade sets.

There are mentions of two new Fortnite modes - Builder's Paradise and Strategic Structures, each of whom puts an accent on construction. The former lends extra health for player-made structures, whereas the latter favours stronger stone and metal walls, but at the price of fewer resources.

Fortnite's data mining additionally revealed a Tank Battle, which is all about huge energy pools and syphon, i.e. replenishing health with kills. The mechanic was recently from main modes thanks to some negative effects behind the scenes.

As for Fortnite's upcoming events, the list includes 14 Days of Summer, Summer Splashdown and Storm Chasers: Surfin', so it's a proper summer themed spectacle, with a dash of Netflix for good measure.

Lucas7Yoshi, Twitter Fortnite 9.30's data mined content Fortnite 9.30 data mining

Speaking of strange things, Fortnite is one of the hottest video game IPs around and it was pretty strange learning that The Coalition's Rod Fergusson, formerly of Epic Games, would've cancelled Fortnite .

You can find Lucas7Yoshi's Twitter page , where you can browse through the data mined features.

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