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Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 11 is live, Epic add fishing, boats

Published: 13:50, 15 October 2019
Epic Games
Three Fortnite characters looking at the new island
Fortnite, Season 11 - here we go again!

Fortnite fans rejoice - Epic's conclusion to Season X practically destroyed the universe and left a black hole, both figuratively and literally. It is now time for a new chapter - Chapter 2, which brings new island, boats, fishing and more.

To be fair, Epic's relentless update schedule and attention to detail left little doubt that they'll outdo themselves on Fortnite's Season 11, but we can't say we expected them to take it down. What do you mean "it was only a few days" - it was gone for ages, ages I tell ya!

Season 11 didn't stick with the script when it came to seasonal updates, so instead of focusing on individual regions,  they just ended up overhauling it all. Fortnite has received a brand new island with 13 new locations, but the naming schemes were loosely kept, which is a pretty nice touch. 

Fortnite's new island has brought with it new naval capabilities, where players can use motorboats, swim and even do some fishing. If your team gets hurt while doing so - feel free to shoot them with the Bandage Bazooka. It won't hurt, we promise.

Season 11 also adds a feature that looks straight out of that movie Hacksaw Ridge, albeit the romanticism of not carrying a weapon is wasted on Fortnite. Players will now be able to physically carry their fallen teammates - yes, on their shoulders.

Back when Respawn added Reboot Vans to Apex Legends, we said the same thing - the idea makes sense on more than one and borrowing it is a great way to advance battle royale. Mark Season 11 as the second time we're saying it. Besides, you'll now have three possible ways to carry teammates.

Epic Games Fortnite characters fishing in a pond Fortnite, Season 11 brings fishing

The leaked Season 11 trailer already gave us a few hints on what to expect, one of them being the dumpsters that you can hide in. We guess that qualifies as a trash strategy, no?  

Epic Games Fortnite character carrying another character across a beach Fortnite, Season 11 - you now have two ways to carry your team

Epic streamlined Fortnite's Battle Pass as well and Season 11 will give players more ways to level up. Medals and XP are earned as before, but the dev said there will be more to go around. 

New Battle Pass Season means new cosmetics as well, all of which you can find in the .  

Fortnite: Chapter 2 - Season 11 has finally arrived

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