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Fortnite update 9.30 adds Revolver, kicks of 14 Days of Summer

Published: 16:23, 25 June 2019
Epic Games
Newly added Revolver from Fortnite's update 9.30
Fortnite 9.30, Revolver

Epic have just rolled out the 9.30 update to Fortnite: Battle Royale, which adds the Revolver, kicks off 14 Days of Summer, balances some weapons out, and unvaults Pump Shotguns, Shockwave Grenade, Suppressed SMG and few Revolver variants.

Described by Epic as "simple, reliable, powerful", the Revolver holds 6 rounds of medium ammo and its epic and legendary variants deal 63 and 66 damage, respectively. It has a x2 headshot multiplier and can be found practically anywhere. 

Epic's 9.30 update shakes up things significantly, vaulting and unvaulting a bunch of stuff, so let's start with the newly departed guns.

Rare Tactical Assault Rifle, Impulse Grenades, Rift-To-Go and the Pirate Cannon have all been vaulted. Epic explained that the rare Tactical AR has been removed to compensate for the unvaulting of the Suppressed Submachine Gun so as to ensure proper loot distribution in this class of item.

Fortnite is getting quite a few familiar faces back with 9.30, and making their return from the vault are uncommon and rare Pump Shotgun, Shockwave Grenade, Suppressed  SMG and common, uncommon and rare variants of the Revolver.

Epic wrote that the addition of the Pump Shotgun is an experiment to potentially address the effectiveness of the Tactical and Combat Shotguns. As for the Suppressed Submachine Gun, they think it will be a viable alternative to the Burst version.

Fortnite 9.30 brought about a few changes in drop frequency, as well as balancing of some weapons like the Burst SMG, whose base accuracy and damage have been increased, while its jumping and sprinting accuracy penalty was dropped significantly. 

"The Burst SMG was dropping a bit too frequently for the role it was intended to fill. Additionally, it was underperforming when compared to similar items", Epic wrote.

Epic Games Fortnite characters sunbathing on a beach Fortnite, 14 Days of Summer

Fortnite's Infantry Rifle clip size is up from 8 to 10; Minigun player damage up from 18/19 to 20/21, while the Drum Gun clip size is down from 50 to 40 and its fire rate down from 9 to 8.

You can check out Fortnite's 14 Days of Summer rotating LTMs , while the full 9.30 patch notes are .


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