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Fortnite 8.30 update will be bigger due to technical improvements

Published: 21:27, 09 April 2019
Epic Games
Reboot Van, Fortnite's version of respawn system
Fortnite, Reboot Van

Fortnite: Battle Royale's next update is expected tomorrow, 10 April 2019, and we're talking about the same update that will bring Epic's version of Apex Legends' respawn system - the Reboot Van. However, it will be larger than usual.

Epic wrote that the v8.30 update will be landing at 5am ET, which is 9:00am UTC.

Apparently, Fortnite is getting "technical improvements" that have increased the size of the update. Below is the breakdown of update sizes on each platform:

  • PC:6.93GB
  • Mac:7.7GB
  • PS4:3.9GB
  • Xbox:4.06GB
  • Switch:3.93GB
  • iOS:1.14 - 1.76GB
  • Android:1.56 - 2.98GB

Note that players of Fortnite's mobile editions whose phones have less than 6GB of space will have to re-download Fortnite once the patch has landed. 

We're not sure whether the size of Fortnite's v8.30 update is solely due to the game's new respawn mechanic, which is coming with the update, as the "technical improvements" suggests much more than that.

Ironically, the respawn mechanic we're referring to has been made by Respawn Entertainment for their battle royale Apex Legends, and it has worked so wonderfully that Epic decided to implement it in Fortnite.

Fortnite's version is called the Reboot Van and it works pretty much the same as in Apex Legends - if your teammates have been killed, you can pick up their Reboot cards and head on over to a Reboot Van to bring them back.

Reboot Vans will be added to each of the POIs but in case you're not familiar with Apex Legends' system, you should know that each of the vans can only be used once.

While a single visit to a Reboot Van can be used to bring back two teammates at the same time, they go offline after usage, so if a team has already practised necromancy there, you'll have to find the next closest one.

Epic Games Reboot Van, Fortnite's version of Apex Legends' respawn system Fortnite, Reboot Van

They say that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and when it comes to some Apex Legends systems, Respawn has indeed done such a great job that many of them deserve to become staples of battle royale.

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