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Forspoken will have in-game purchases according to ESRB rating

Published: 20:31, 07 February 2022
Square Enix
Forspoken protagonist overlooking a canyon
Forspoken, quite the sight!

Square Enix's upcoming action-adventure seemingly features an in-game store with microtransactions.

A rating from Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has revealed a couple of new details about the highly anticipated PlayStation 5 console exclusive Forspoken, which is scheduled to launch later month. 

Surprisingly, it seems that Forspoken includes in-game purchases as revealed on  the game's rating page on ESRB.

"In-game purchases" is listed under "Interactive Elements" for both platforms - PC and PlayStation 5.

For comparison reasons, another PlayStation console exclusive Ghostwire: Tokyo has been rated by ESRB shortly before Forspoken and as you can see, it does not include the "in-game purchases" note.

ESRB Forspoken and Ghostwire: Tokyo ratings on ESRB Forspoken and Ghostwire: Tokyo ratings on ESRB

This certainly comes as a surprise since Forspoken has been marketed as a narrative-driven single-player action-adventure, which to be honest is not really a natural fit for microtransactions.

Usually, publishers include in-game stores and cosmetics in live service co-op and multiplayer games that have strong post-launch seasonal content drops.

At the time of writing, Square Enix have not officially announced that Forspoken will have an in-game store. 

We have contacted Square Enix's PR representative for a comment on the matter and will update the article if/when we get an official response from the publisher. 

Forspoken is officially launching on May 25, 2022, for PC and PlayStation 5.

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