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For Honor season six simultaneous console and PC launch date

Published: 21:22, 03 May 2018
For Honor features three-way tussles, but not the fun ones
For Honor

Ubisoft have announced that For Honor season six, named Hero's March, will kick off on PC and consoles on 17 May 2018. This new season will bring a new map, hero reworks and updates to visual collection for any heroes players have obtained.

Ubisoft are pressing the attack with For Honor, trying to breathe life into it . The announced season six will bring a new map for the players to duke it out on, named the Beachhead.

The Beachhead will not be a paid DLC so all players who own the game will be able to access it. This map will be featured in all playable modes except Tribute. The Beachhead is described as a "once grand fortress of solitude and respite" that still remains a "picturesque view from afar and is a desirable stronghold for any army hoping to sway the odds of battle in their favour". The fortress is likely decrepit by now according to this description, but it will be a good addition in order to freshen the experience a bit.

Ubisoft have cited the positive feedback from players during season five's hero updates as the main source of fuel for their rework engine that seems to be chugging in full force. Orochi and Peacekeeper will receive major gameplay updates with season six, although the details are not yet specified. These two are the first two rework candidates but the line doesn't stop there as Ubisoft noted that more heroes will receive such updates in the future.

For Honor will also receive a new feature that will allow players to track all visuals they have acquired and then apply them on any gear they have. This feature aims to reduce the need to hoard gear in order to keep visuals in a player's inventory and it will, by extent, help players who had the need for more inventory space.

Ubisoft For Honor - Order & Havoc For Honor - Order & Havoc

For Honor's is now underway and it will last until 6 May 2018 for anyone who is interested in trying the game out. That said, the players will be able to purchase the game afterwards for up to 67 per cent off. 


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