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Focus Home hit record fiscal year thanks to Vampyr and FS 2019

Published: 09:18, 01 July 2019
Focus Home Interactive
Farming Simulator 19

Focus Home Interactive have reported record financial results on the back of Vampyr and traditionally well-performing sim Farming Simulator 2019. They raked in $143 million in the process, which is 20 per cent better than last year.

We're talking about the financial year 2018/19, and Focus Home have had quite a cruise, as the results show.

Vampyr launched in June 2018 and indeed did great, its first week resulting in the top position on chart, which actually gets better considering Focus Home's initially pretty modest expectations. 

Vampyr ended up beating the target of one million copies and brought about the decision for continued cooperation between its developer Dontnod and publisher Focus Home.

Giants Software's Farming Simulator has traditionally performed well but the 19 edition is taking it a bit further and the popular sim already has 2 million copies in the bag.

Add to that there's a for the newly announced Farming Simulator League, which is set to span 10 tournaments all across Europe and some big partnerships like the US manufacturer John Deer, and the future is bright.

Focus Home also talked about Insurgency: Sandstorm, the tactical shooter multiplayer that sold half a million copies and there's been some good news for MudRunner as well.

Looking forward, Focus Home have got even better news, starting with Saber Interactive's zombilicious shooter World War Z. The game follows a similar recipe - in a week and pole position in UK's chart, and counting.

This year, Focus Home are planning for the release of A Plague Tale: Innocence, The Surge 2, MudRunner 2 and GreedFall, as well as the Nintendo Switch edition of Farming Simulator 19, which is expected to make a splash. 

Overall, Focus Home Interactive has achieved 20 per cent better results than in the previous year, so hopefully they can keep the tempo up in the following one as well.

You can check out Focus Home Interactive's 2018-19 financial reports over in French.

Farming Simulator 19, Giants Software and Focus Home Interactive

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