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PUBG Corp. ends Fix PUBG campaign, reveals 2019 roadmap

Published: 13:46, 18 November 2018
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A new dev letter has been published on PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Steam page in which the Executive Producer Taeseok Jang has confirmed the Fix PUBG campaign has come to an end. The company also shared the updated 2019 roadmap for PUBG.

PUBG Corp., the creator of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds have released a dev letter on Steam in which they have provided an update on the future plans for the popular battle royale game. Executive Producer, Taeseok Jang says in the letter that all available dev resources have been allocated towards the campaign to accomplish tasks such as improving core performance of the game and fixing many longstanding bugs.

However, Fix PUBG campaign has come to a halt as the team will now focus on fixing several new issues that have arisen in the past weeks. Jang apologised to fans for the postponements and shared the list of issues that were successfully fixed in the campaign.

The goals of Fix PUBG were to provide the best gameplay experience possible trough client and server optimisation, implement strong anti-cheat measures, ensure smarter and faster matchmaking, fix bugs and bring the long-requested quality of life improvements.

Jang said that they reached most of their goals, some of them were pretty big fixes while others were small but still noticeable gains. "While the overall game-wide optimisations, such as increasing normal frames, were minimal, the performance optimisation for specific situations as mentioned above was quite impactful," Jang explained. 

Speaking about matchmaking issues, the company is considering a massive matchmaking UI overhaul to offer the players a better insight in estimated wait time and ping numbers. Jang confirmed that many issues regarding matchmaking were fixed in the last update but the patch alone wasn't enough so they're still trying to find the right balance in matchmaking.

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PUBG Corp. will also slow down with the new content until certain quality standards are maintained but promises new stuff as soon as all these announced processes become established.  

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