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Apex Legends has a fix for PC crash without error code

Published: 17:37, 13 February 2019
Updated: 23:52, 14 February 2019
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Apex Legends is crashing all over the place. None of the three platforms are immune to the issues but there is a workaround for one of the issues on PC. Specifically, you can fix the problem where the game crashes with no error code.

Error fixes for many issues can be found by crawling the EA forums, or sometimes we can highlight a fix or two for your convenience, so Google will immediately offer you a fix.

Without further ado, you will need to reinstall Origin and give it a clean install. That means removal of any Origin traces in AppData and Program Files folders. Next up, you will need to open Task Manager, switch to the Services tab and click the "Services..." button that is marked with Administrator access.

In the newly opened window, scroll down to EasyAntiCheat, right click it and click Properties. Click on Recovery card and you will see three scenarios named "First failure" , "Second Failure" and "Subsequent Failures". Each of them has a drop down menu that should say "Take no Action" at this point. You will need to change each of these options to "Restart the Service".

At this point you should be crash-free if your issues were connected to EasyAntiCheat. If not, you may need to look further into the problem, to which the solution may lie below, but we strongly advise you do not proceed with the following suggestions unless you are confident with editing your Windows registry. One simple spelling mistake is enough to cause damage to your operating system, so make sure you have backup on-hand, regardless of how experienced you are with editing the registry. We cannot stress this enough, and are not responsible for any damage mishandling the registry can cause.

You haven't given up after the disclaimer? Well, in that case you will need to turn GameDVR off through the registry. The line that you need to change is as follows:


Right click and modify GameDVR_Enabled to 0

The second line you will need is:


Once you are there, you will need to create a folder named "GameDVR" with no quotes, then navigate to it (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Policies/Microsoft/Windows/GameDVR). Open the folder, create a new D_WORD named AllowgameDVR and set its value to 0. 

We purposefully didn't walk you through the registry entries in detail. If there is anything in the lines above that you do not fully understand, please refrain from editing the registry.

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If you went through with it, however, your Apex Legends should be ready and crash-free soon. Simply make both Origin and Apex Legends always run in Administrator mode. You can do it by right-clicking and choosing Run as Administrator every time or create shortcuts with Administrator access.

Boot the game up and give it a shot. Or give Legends several shots, they can become spongy with higher tier shields.

Credit for this fix goes to , but unfortunately, it is stuck on page #51 of the respective thread. We hope this article will highlight the fix a bit more, until Respawn Entertainment fix the crashes properly.

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