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Jokerd is first WoW Classic level 60, fails to delete character

Published: 10:12, 01 September 2019
Picture of an Orc Shaman in World of Warcraft Classic
World of Warcraft Classic

World of Warcraft race to the first level 60 is over and despite Method's efforts, it was previously unknown balding gnome that won the race, going by the name Jokerd. He later tried to delete the character but abundant mail prevented him.

Going back to the classic days of World of Warcraft meant many new records would resurface to be broken again. One such case is the first level 60, where a previously unknown name in the World of Warcraft community came to light.

Jokerd, a balding gnome was the first to the finish line but even though his journey was the quickest one, it wasn't without its difficulties. As you can imagine, this is the old WoW we are talking about - quests are not abundant and getting to 60 requires grinding a bunch of meaningless mobs.

During one session of grinding level 54 mobs, Jokerd was by a bunch of Horde players who probably enjoyed a squeaking noise as they crushed the would-be record holder. The scene itself invoked a pile of "kek" chat pop-ups, just like in the good old days. In case you somehow forewent this essential knowledge, "kek" is the translation that Alliance players see when Horde members type out "lol".

This wouldn't deter the gnomish hero of Azeroth, as he continued to grind and eventually became the first character that level 60 in Classic WoW. The final victim that provided experience for Jokerd before level 60 was a level 55 Scarlet Crusader.

Jokerd followed up by attempts to delete his character, likely as a feat of strength, but couldn't do it at the time. Not because he lacked resolve but because people kept , preventing the character's deletion.

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Anyway, the extremely quick journey to 60 is a result of Jokerd's speedrunning practice that happened over the years on various private servers. In the final section of levelling, there was some layer hopping so he would have more mobs to grind. Observers estimated this saved Jokerd around 1.5 hours of grinding.

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