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Steve Arhancet reveals the new Alienware Team Liquid training facility

Published: 10:15, 10 April 2018
Team Liquid
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Team Liquid

Team Liquid have revealed the new Alienware training facility for their League of Legends squad. This happened just in time to host a celebration for their coronation as the NA LCS Spring Champions that happened one day prior.

While some professional team managers have blatantly exploited their team members or simply neglected what was happening under their noses and left stains on League of Legends' professional scene, others have been busy setting an example on how to treat their players well. Steve "LiQuiD112" Arhancet is one such manager, who has been known in League of Legends community as the manager who provided his players amenities that other teams didn't.

He recently unveiled Team Liquid's new training facility which he acquired for the organisation by partnering up with Alienware. The facility was announced back in January 2018 and three months later, it became ready to use. This prompted a reemergence of the #paidbysteve meme that was originally spawned after Twitch viewers suspected him of paying for comments that supported Team Liquid.

AltChar Steve is making it rain in a spoof video where they embraced the meme. Team Liquid have embraced the paid by Steve meme.

Steve apparently wanted to have two different places where his players would work and live, and not cram both their professional and private lives into one gaming house. He had the idea of implementing the training facility for about a year now but it wasn't possible due to financial reasons back then. He later partnered up with Alienware and they made it happen.

This is not the first instance of Steve throwing money into the team - even back when the team was part of the Curse organisation, they had an not many League of Legends teams could afford in 2012. He also pretty much bailed Team Liquid in 2017 when they were facing relegation from LCS by throwing money at the team and bringing in Doublelift as a temporary player.

AltChar Team Liquid players, coach and owner are about to lift the LCS Spring trophy. Team Liquid about to lift the LCS Spring 2018 trophy.

Speaking of Doublelift, Team Liquid finally managed to sign him in November 2018 as a permanent addition to the team, alongside Xmithie, Pobelter, Impact and Olleh. This new roster went on to provide a brilliant debut split in the LCS, which culminated with them winning the Spring split of Season 8.

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