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Gameplay footage of new PUBG map Codename: Savage is popping up

Published: 18:04, 03 April 2018
Updated: 14:41, 16 August 2018
PUBG's small map is named Savage and is themed after South-Eastern Asia.
PUBG Savage

Closed testing for PUBG's upcoming 4x4 kilometer map, Codename: Savage has started and new bits of gameplay are coming through. PUBG Corp have already said this is an early test, and the map is obviously unfinished, as seen in the video.

Codename: Savage's testing phase has started and it will be available for players until 5 April 2018. There is no NDA that forbids showing the gameplay footage apparently, as videos from the new map can be found left and right. ACoupleBucks is one of the players who got his hands on a testing key, and proceeded to show people his first game on Codename: Savage.

As the map is only 4x4 kilometers in size, shorter game time was to be expected and it was proven to be true in this case. It took ACoupleBucks about nine minutes from jumping out of the plane to getting killed. Granted, you can get killed a lot faster on any PUBG map but he actually ended up in fifth place. It's hard to imagine the remaining four players took half an hour to kill each other.

Bluehole Swamp Temple in PUBG's Codename Savage map doesn't have textures yet. PUBG - Swamp Temple's textures aren't present for the duration of closed tests.

It was obvious from get go that the map is unfinished, and this is a test for a reason. None of the buildings had furniture, or anything at all in them and there are several spots where textures are missing, such as the Swamp Temple, where he decided to land at the start of the game. Swamp Temple also had a metric ton of gear on it, which was somewhat unusual. It is not clear if the loot distribution will remain the same once the map hits live servers.

Even though some of the places are unfinished, the new map looks rather refreshing, with the vibrant green colours replacing the bleak desert panorama that the PUBG players are used to. It could be harder to spot enemies due to high grass density on the map, which could lead to more careful approach by players and by extent - less interesting gameplay.

PUBG Corp Female player character is aiming her AWM while crouching on top of a hill. PUBG - AWM

It seems like PUBG Corp thought of this possibility earlier, as the new could be possible replacements for the x8 scope on this map, in order to curb the camping tendencies. This info isn't yet officially confirmed, as the new scopes aren't yet officially announced.

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