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PS Plus free games for February

Published: 11:26, 08 February 2018
PlayStation Plus

Gamers on tight budgets whose wallets may still be recovering from New Year's binges need not worry - Sony is throwing a bone their way this month as well. This month's selection of free games includes Knack, Rime and Grand Kingdom for PS4, Spelunker HD and Mugen Souls Z for PS3 while PS Vita users can treat themselves to Grand Kingdom and Exile's End.

Knack is a modern hybrid of a platformer and third person fighting game that puts players in proverbial shoes of Knack, a creature that can use relics to enhance its body mass and thus grow do dish out serious damage.

Even though it's generally agreed that the game could have been so much better - most of the criticism is aimed at the storyline and/or lack of depth. In truth, it's a fun game that'll keep you bashing away for at least a few hours.

SCE Studios A creature made of floating objects running across a hall Knack - a cute little bundle of relics

A company called Tequila Works must be awesome, right? Right, and now they're giving away the Rime, their gorgeous adventure–puzzle game. The title features gorgeous cel shaded graphics, soothing audio and a really deep and moving storyline - so a great, slow paced puzzle game for rainy days. Which is of course pretty much every day. Think along the lines of Ico and Zelda Wind Waker.

An in-game character of a boy with red cape walking towards camera Rime packs a serious visual punch

Tequila Works Vast landscapes really lend themselves well to cel shading

In case you're dumping your ol’ PS3 onto your grandpa, we're sure he’ll be delighted to learn that Spelunker HD is free. We're not so sure he'll be as delighted with Mugen Souls Z, but he should get with the times anyway. We already mentioned PS Vita users are getting Grand Kingdom and Exile's End but we just pulled a Jedi mind trick so we can say it again. Now - you did not read this article because you're cheap. There you go.  

Compile Heart/GCrest A red haired girl clad in red with a huge axe standing on a platform Mugen Souls Z

Magnetic Realms A protagonist of a platform game standing on a ledge above a monster Exile's End, PS Vita

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