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RiME is now available for free on Epic Games Store

Published: 09:52, 24 May 2019

Tequila Works' gorgeous adventure RiMe is the latest freebie on Epic Games Store. It's available for download right now and once you claim it, it's yours forever. The offer will run for just over a month before it expires on 30 May 2019.

Another week, another free game on Epic Games Store. This time, it's a breathtaking adventure from Tequila Works named RiMe. You can grab it right now and it's yours to keep forever. It's not a trial or a limited time demo, you get the full version of the game for zero coins. 

The promo offer will be available for just over a month, before it expires on 30 May 2019 so make sure to grab it as this is one of the best offers on Epic Games Store yet.

You can also grab another freebie for another full week. It's Stories Untold, an episodic horror adventure-puzzle by No Code and Devolver Digital.

Both of these offers are part of Epic Mega Sale that started earlier this week. Usually, Epic Games Store offers one freebie every month, but during the sale, a new game will be available for download every week. The mega sale will run until 13 June 2019, which means that we're getting more than five freebies in that period. 

Epic Games also confirmed the next freebie in line, after RiME offer expires. Starting on 30 May 2019, you'll get to claim a first-person action adventure from senior BioShock developers named City of Brass. This one will be available until 06 June 2019.

If you're yet to play RiME we suggest you grab it while it's free and enjoy the game's atmospheric world, gorgeous graphics and soundtrack. While some of Rime's elements like puzzles will frustrate casual players, the game is really rewarding once you get to know it and respect its hardcore brain teasers.

Tequila Works Rime Rime

If you like puzzle games like Portal and Talos Principle and also enjoy adventures like Journey, RiME will almost certainly become your new favourite. You can check out the official trailer and grab the game on Epic Games Store  .


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