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FarmVille is shutting down soon

Published: 06:27, 28 September 2020

Zynga announced they will be shutting down the original FarmVille game that used to wreak havoc over high schools as students just wouldn't stop playing it on the school's computers.

FarmVille is shutting down at the end of 2020, more precisely on December 31. The shutdown doesn't appear to be a mere New Year's resolution by Zynga but rather the result of the game relying on Adobe Flash Player.

Adobe will stop supporting and distributing the Flash Player around the same time so the core component for running the game will be gone as Facebook will stop supporting all the associated games.

Therefore, if you were thinking about spending money on microtransactions, you should evaluate if those funds are disposable enough to justify buying things for a game that's going to be shut down in a matter of months .

Zynga noted they will keep the in-app purchases going until November 17, 2020, after which the payment system will be turned off. After that point in time, both the payments and refunds will stop being processed.

FarmVille is not going away without a bang though as Zynga announced that several in-game events, or rather activities as they put it, will be coming soon in order to make the players' remaining time with FarmVille more enjoyable.

Fans can still transition over to FarmVille 2: Tropic Escape or the upcoming FarmVille 3 but it's hard to imagine either of them will capture that feeling that got everyone hooked more than a decade ago.

At least the teachers will have an easier time unless another wave of viral games hits web browser and mobile devices.

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