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Far Cry 6 official screenshots divide the game's community

Published: 22:21, 13 July 2020
Far Cry 6 promo images
Two friends having a nice afternoon revolution

As the new screenshots of Far Cry 6 got released by Ubisoft, they have been met with various reactions within the game's community. And while the fans are still very much divided, a uniform opinion seems to be forming.

The latest promotional Far Cry 6 screenshots have started making the rounds after the accidental appearance of the game on the PlayStation store, showing a bit more of the world and the characters within it.

Many have taken to social media to praise and complain about the latest information, such as in a  Reddit post that has gotten some traction, with many people stating their opinions about the recently revealed screenshots.

It is undeniable that the game is looking beautiful on the images, but that is the very reason why some members of the community are concerned.

With the new consoles, that the game will be released on, having more power which allows them to provide the impressive visuals, some have called for remembrance of the times when the promotional images did not always reflect the way the game actually looks.

And since Ubisoft have been on the list of offenders, some members of the community have taken to attacking the game before release, pointing out some legitimate concerns along with some over the top attacks on the company and the title.

But the negative comments do not reflect the communities actual stance on the game, as many seem to be praising the quality of the images and showing a great amount of support for not just the game but the franchise as a whole.

Ubisoft Far Cry 6 promotional image Turning up the heat on a cold rainy night

With a few comments about the negative aspects of the previous games in the franchise, most are optimistic that this title will fix the problems and polish the game, bringing the franchise to a whole new level.

Because the game gives off the feeling of returning to its roots, it raises hopes within the community that the new title will take all the lessons learned from the last few titles and bring a fully reinvented Far Cry experience, looking and feeling better than ever.

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