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Far Cry 6 has a secret ending that makes the game last less than 10 minutes

Published: 16:12, 05 October 2021
Far Cry 6 screenshot showing a gunfight, a tank and a vehicle
Far Cry 6

Just like its predecessors, Far Cry 6 comes with an alternate ending which you can unlock very early in the game. This way, you can "beat" the game in less than ten minutes.

Far Cry 4 had one of the best alternate endings ever in Far Cry games and Far Cry 5 continued that tradition by offering players a chance to simply walk away from the fight super early in the game. 

Far Cry 6, a brand new instalment in the popular franchise is launching this week and some players get their hands on the game a bit earlier, to discover that Far Cry 6 also features a secret ending that you can unlock at the very beginning of the story.

Courtesy of Twitter user Okami, the video shows a full guide of how to unlock the secret ending and the final cutscene, which shows the main protagonist resting on the beach, while the radio reports that the war in Yara has been ended and that "the leader of the terrorist group Libertad" has been eliminated by special forces. 

Here is the alternate ending in Far Cry 6 which you can unlock early on in the game:

Basically, all you have to do to unlock this ending is to get on the boat and drive in the opposite direction of your objective towards the open waters and the game should automatically activate the ending sequence. This is usually how Far Cry's secret endings work - you don't have to do much to unlock them. 

All in all, we think this one is pretty good but Far Cry 4's alternate ending is still our favourite by a mile and we actually prefer Far Cry 5's alternate ending over this one, too. But that's just us. We're sure there will be many players who prefer Far Cry 6 over the previous two instalments when it comes to secret endings. 

Far Cry 6

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Far Cry 6

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