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Rumour: Ubisoft could announce free-to-play Far Cry game at Ubisoft Forward

Published: 17:46, 09 June 2021
screenshot of Alleged Far Cry Frenzy logo
Alleged Far Cry Frenzy logo

Far Cry Frenzy is the alleged name of a free-to-play Far Cry title that could be announced at the Ubisoft Forward event on June 12, 2021. The game's logo has reportedly been leaked via Reddit.

You may remember that Ubisoft announced they will be moving away from yearly premium AAA releases to focus on the free-to-play model. This would mean that major Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Ghost Recon and The Division games would not release every year or two like now. Instead, Ubisoft's plan is to release free-to-play games from these franchises and support them with post-launch content, similar to how other publishers have successfully launched games like Call of Duty Warzone and Apex Legends.

The publisher already announced The Division Heartland and recently, we've heard rumours that a free-to-play Assassin's Creed game could be in the works. Today, we have a new rumour regarding a free-to-play Far Cry game, which is allegedly named Far Cry Frenzy.

The logo, which you can see above, has apparently leaked ahead of the official reveal on the Ubisoft Forward event. The leaker who originally posted this logo teased Redditors with  the "Anyone here excited for E3" post title.

Ubisoft Far Cry 6 screenshot showing a horse, a gun and tropic setting Far Cry 6

So, could this mean something? Well, there is no concrete evidence that this is a legit logo of the game so we suggest you take this with a grain of salt, just like any other leak or rumour but given that Ubisoft are indeed planning to release free-to-play Far Cry game, this may not be a complete fabrication, after all. 

Hopefully, we'll hear more at Ubisoft Forward, which is scheduled for June 12, 2021.

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