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Far Cry 5 will have two graphics modes for PlayStation 4 Pro

Published: 21:35, 13 March 2018
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Far Cry 5

Tidbits about Ubisoft's upcoming cult 'handling' game Far Cry 5 are coming in hard and fast, but this latest one really caught our eye. Namely, it appears that Far Cry 5 will offer a choice for graphics rendering.

A reportedly leaked image appeared recently showing Far Cry 5's PlayStation 4 Pro interface, with a choice between two options - Higher Resolution and Better Graphics.

The Higher Resolution mode apparently looks to maximise 4K output on PS4 Pro, whereas the Better Graphics mode goes beyond 4K and should provide for much better sightseeing. 

To be fair though, while Far Cry 5's single player performance has been reported as pretty smooth, recent revealed that things get a bit sluggish when two players are in the game. Having said that, if Ubisoft doesn't address this, we already see PS4 Pro players switching to the lesser rendering option.

Ubisoft Graphics menu for Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro showing rendering options Far Cry 4 rendering modes

Now complementing Ubisoft is not a regular occurrence here at AltChar but it was bound to happen eventually, right? Namely, we like the fact that Far Cry 5 was built to look good on all consoles, with an available upgrade for console owners who shelled out more cash to get more power.

Much has been said on this subject, very little of it constructive, but this Ubisoft's decision shows how a simple change of perception can make all the difference. So all that's left to see is whether Far Cry 5 delivers before we break out some French bubbly, right?

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