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New Far Cry 6 details leak: Horses, tropical setting, jetpacks and Narcos

Published: 10:23, 10 June 2020
Updated: 10:52, 10 June 2020
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According to the latest leak from ResetEra, Far Cry 6 will ditch North American setting for a tropical island where players will get to ride horses and fly around the island using jetpacks among other things.

Earlier this week, we got some rumours about the next Far Cry game from Ubisoft. Apparently, the game is set to be revealed at Ubisoft Forward event in July 2020 while the release window is scheduled for early 2021.

On top of this, reliable sources like a French streamer going by the Twitter handle xj0nathan, confirmed that the game will be close to Far Cry 3 in terms of setting . Today, a reliable insider Okabe shared some additional details about the game over at ResetEra.

Okabe claims that Far Cry 6 will be set on "tropical-ish islands" which suggests multiple islands rather than one, which was usually the case in previous games. On top of this, a large emphasis will be put on horses and horse riding. "Hope you all like riding horses and shooting while riding horses," Okabe wrote in a post.

Ubisoft A fisherman and his dog standing on a river bed, fishing Far Cry 5

The game will also include jetpacks for easier traversal around the map and players will get to "help zoo's". This bit is not very clear but it's possible that zoos will be similar to camps from previous titles. 

Okabe concludes with "Narcos" and co-op hint which suggests a fight against a drug cartel with a friend.

All in all, the info sounds really legit and exciting and we cannot wait to see the game at Ubisoft's event. Hopefully, the publisher surprise us with some gameplay too. 

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