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Fallout Shelter coming to Microsoft Play Anywhere

Published: 14:59, 06 February 2017
Vault dwellers are coming out of their underground shelter
Fallout - Welcome to the surface, help yourself to some incoming fire

On PC since last year, new to Xbox One and now cross-playable with Windows 10 via Play Anywhere

Bethesda's little Android promotional title from 2015, Fallout Shelter will be available on Xbox One and cross-playable on Windows 10 using Microsoft's new Play Anywhere service. The casual bunker game has grown quite a bit since its early promo days. New rooms, enemies, crafting, pets and a load of options and features has been added to the game since its release.

It is quite out of the ordinary that a tie-in game manages such a long and frequently updated life span, adding more features and spreading out to more and more platforms as it goes. Is it fun? Are there obnoxious timers? There is a story? Microtransactions? While the answer to all those is generally yes, you can easily for yourself tomorrow, on you platform of choice, unless that platform happens to be PlayStation 4.

Bethesda Folks are looking at a mushroom cloud in the distance while walking towards a vault Fallout Shelter

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