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Fallout 76's first season is starting soon

Published: 01:34, 30 June 2020
Fallout 76 - Blackbird Power Armor Paint
Fallout 76 - Blackbird Power Armor Paint

Bethesda announced the release date for Fallout 76's first season as well as several facts that will be tied to the content coming over its duration.

Fallout 76 will get its first season when the Update 20 kicks off on June 30, 2020. Players will have quite a bit of time to progress through it as the conclusion is scheduled for some point during mid-September 2020. It will offer several enticing rewards and mechanics for the Vault Dwellers.

The Legendary Run is the name of the inaugural season and it refers to the board game imitation that shows the players' progression. It is themed after the in-universe comic named Captain Cosmos and the players' goal will be to beat Dr. Zorbo to the finish line. 

Like the name suggested and you probably expected, the season will have its own pass with various rewards included, provided you purchase it and are willing to grind. Some of the rewards will include cosmetics and others will be consumables that boost experience gains or convert ammo.

The ammo converter sounds like an awfully handy tool since it will let players replace the ammunition they don't need with the type they are burning through.

Weekly and Daily challenges have been altered in order to work better in tandem with the seasonal model, meaning they will offer more experience that will help players advance through the ranks.

Fallout 76

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Fallout 76 - Spread the Love event

If someone wants to progress even faster through the ranks, they can buy them at the price of 150 Atoms each. Doing so will be possible only for the duration of the first two weeks.

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