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EVE Online dev working on unannounced project in Unreal Engine 4

Published: 08:20, 28 July 2018
CCP Games
Wallpaper image showing one of EVE Online's space ships
EVE Online

CCP Games, the people behind EVE Online, have announced they're working on a yet to be announced action MMO title in Epic's Unreal Engine 4. The company's wording is quite clear in that there's more than one title brewing in the studio.

Much more than one in fact, as the company confirmed that Unreal Engine 4.20 is now officially CCP's engine of choice "for all of CCP Games' currently unannounced projects". Similar wording ended up in their twitter post too, suggesting CCP are in full hype'em'up swing.

Unfortunately, that and the "action MMO" part are all we know at the moment, since the announcement mostly focused on merits of Unreal Engine 4 and the Unreal Editor. We know CCP recently announced Project Galaxy, a mobile game they're doing with NetEase, but that's as far as their creative outlets are feeding us at the moment.

As for the merits of , CCP's Bing Xi says that ProxyLOD mesh reduction and Niagara VFX are just tips on the iceberg of reasons why Epic's monster engine is so monstrous. "Stability, quick prototyping and the solid cross-platform support", are the prime ones of course.

The part that gave me a chuckle though was how "UE4 enables CCP to stay platform-relevant earlier and for longer", which is really ironic all things considered. I mean, this is the studio that brought you EVE Online, a game from 2003 that's still alive and kicking - how much more longevity do you need?

Jokes aside though, Unreal Engine 4.20 has indeed turned into a tool to behold, allowing for unparalleled simplification of game development across different platforms. This leaves game makers with more time to sink into qualitative development, i.e. the cerebral part, instead of trial and erroring their way to the unemployment line.

Epic Games Shiny plastic armour and gun demonstrating power of Unreal Engine 4.20 Unreal Engine 4.20 demo

Naturally, no announcement is complete without mentioning Fortnite and that Epic's game is "a great example of the trust they have in their own product". Having established itself as an ingenious way to benchmark your own game-making software, Fortnite has repaid Epic's trust .

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