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CCP announces EVE Online expansion Invasion release date

Published: 15:53, 06 May 2019
CCP Games
Promotional image for EVE Online expansion called Invasion
EVE Online

EVE Online is getting the next expansion on 28 May 2019 and it will bring plenty of new content, quality of life changes and overhauls to the existing systems as CCP Games' devs are looking to reignite the interest of veteran players.

EVE Online: Invasion will bring the new Triglavian race to the game and they are not exactly peaceful. The title of the expansion will take on a literal meaning as this race will invade the known space and players will be tasked with defending against the highly advanced enemies, with the promise of lucrative rewards.

According to Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online's creative director, players will get a chance to have meaningful choices once the invasion launches while promising a "threat unlike anything [players] have ever faced before".

This actually translates to encountering new ships, three of which will be available to the players through Triglavian story progression. All three ships will be in Tech II category and each will be of different class - a Nergal class Frigate, Draugur class Command Destroyer and Ikitursa class Heavy Assault Cruiser.

Players will also be presented with a new Multiplasmid system that players can loot from Abyssal Deadspace, allowing them to modify their existing ship modules in order to make them more powerful or efficient. The chance of irreversible attribute reduction will still be there though.

Furthermore, Invasion will bring more iterations of the War Declaration system that will build upon the recent improvements and add more content. User experience will apparently be improved regarding The Agency as players will have an easier time accessing different content.

CCP also mentioned new visuals but did not really elaborate on the topic in the announcing EVE Online: Invasion.

CCP Games Promotional image for Invasion expansion in EVE Online EVE Online - Invasion

Quality of life fixes will include but not be limited to the station services interface and user experience as well as a balance pass for the Triglavian Damavik class frigate as well as the Electronic Warfare drones. Tech II ammunition will be improved as faction, storyline and officer weapons will be able to utilise it.


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