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EVE Online shooter canceled, another EVE Online shooter announced

Published: 11:47, 19 February 2020
CCP Games
Project Nova
Project Nova

Pearly Abyss and CCP Games revealed that Project Nova, a shooter game set in EVE Online universe, has been cancelled after almost half a decade of development. No worries though, another shooter was immediately announced to fill the vacant shoes.

Cancelling one project and announcing a new one with the same premise is not something that happens every day but Pearl Abyss and CCP Games did it. 

Project Nova was in development for over four years but it failed to garner attention or impress those who got to try the game out back in 2018. With what looked like a flop becoming an almost guaranteed flop, it is no wonder the project was scrapped . The official confirmation came with Pearl Abyss' Q4 2019 investor report which proved to be the final nail in Project Nova's coffin.

Given that the fans did not expect much from the project, many turned out to be unfazed with the announcement since the hopes weren't exactly blossoming like dandelions in spring. However, CCP Games managed to surprise EVE Online players with a new announcement on the game's subreddit.

It appears that the dream of a sci-fi multiplayer shooter game concept is not dead just yet. According to George "Grendel" Kellion, the head of CCP's PR, there is a new project in the works that will be "actively evolving" and is supposed to be "beyond the original scope for what was formerly codenamed Project Nova".

CCP's London studio will head this project as their focus is apparently fully reserved for the new shooter while Project Nova team members from Iceland have been moved to other projects. 

However, CCP will refrain from making project names public from now on. They will only be unveiled when there is enough to properly reveal a game to the public.

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