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EVE Online Champions of Lowsec start date is approaching

Published: 19:16, 21 March 2020
CCP Games
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Champions of Lowsec PvP event is coming to EVE Online on 26 March 2020 and it will last for five days. CCP already shared the details already so here are a few highlights.

Just like the name suggests, Champions of Lowsect will be an event that focuses on low security (lowsec) space. Combat in such areas will be tracked for the duration of the event in order to decide which alliance or independent corporation destroyed the greatest ISK value from the shot down ships.

Those who come out on top will have their flag displayed in CCP's new HQ for a month. Other than that, there will be medal awards to the members of the winning alliance or independent corporation. These medals will be added directly to character sheets of the winning members.

While shooting down others may not be entirely lawful, there are a few rules everyone will need to heed:

  1. The contest starts when Tranquility comes back online (26 March 2020) until the next downtime (31 March 2020)
  2. The alliance or corp that has the highest ISK value of ship and pod kills during the period is the winner. Structure kills don't count
  3. Getting the killing blow is credited as a full kill
  4. ISK value from kills is equivalent to the sum of the value of the hull and items destroyed on the killmail. Dropped items are not counted
  5. Only kills in lowsec space count (0.1 to 0.4 systems)
  6. NPC, CCP, ISD or GM kills are not counted
  7. Circumstances are irrelevant as long as kills adhere to the ruleset
  8. The flag that will be displayed will be made from the in-game logo of the alliance or corporation
  9. In case the winners don't have a logo, CCP will work with the members in order to decide what appears on the flag

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Happy hunting, everyone!

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