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EVE Online cheaters might be sent to virtual prison, not banned

Published: 14:37, 29 October 2018
CCP Games
Picture of a massive ship in EVE Online
EVE Online

CCP Games have something special in store for cheaters in EVE Online. A recent bit of data mining offered insight into plans to introduce virtual prisons with menial labour instead of outright banning the users of illegal software.

Game developers are always looking for new ways to punish those who use cheats in their games, especially if the game in question is an MMO, like EVE Online. CCP games will apparently put offenders into space jails where they will have to break asteroids as menial labour.

It is currently unknown whether this punishment will replace bans or be enforced alongside them since the changes themselves have only been datamined from the new build on Singularity, EVE Online's test server.

There are, however, other lines that mentioned mining Cthonic Attar ore, which will presumably be the rock that the players will need to break into smaller rocks in order to reduce their sentence. The way it sound so far, the theory that this punishment will be enforced alongside bans sounds more plausible.

The punishment changes are set to take effect at some point before the end of 2018, and it seems like they will go live as the Chinese servers relaunch. On that note, it is worth pointing out that EVE Online will have completely different international and Chinese builds, so the threat of this MMO crashing down and burning in the manner of PUBG is unlikely.

Some fans have voiced their concerns though, since cheaters in MMO usually don't ruin others' experience directly, but rather use bots to do the grinding for them. In case of a bot being sentenced to menial labour, there is nothing stopping the thing from reducing its own sentence by being the most efficient rock crusher ever.

CCP Games Picture of some ship in dark space in EVE Online EVE Online

Then again, the jails may just serve exactly that purpose - to slow bots down and not allow them to grind much more than a human would. On the other hand, there is the concern of just creating a new account, but it remains to be seen which version would be more efficient for cheaters - ploughing through rocks or starting all over again.

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