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EVE Online gets an expansion called Into The Abyss

Published: 09:18, 31 May 2018
Updated: 11:56, 24 September 2018
CCP Games
Poster for EVE Online's expansion Into the Abyss
EVE Online

CCP Games have rolled out their latest EVE Online expansion dubbed Into the Abyss, adding an interesting new PvE mechanic and a new hostile human race the Triglavian collective, which CCP claim are the most intelligent EVE enemies yet.

EVE Online's newcomer race resides in what's called the Abyssal Deadspace. You can travel to it from pretty much anywhere, provided you own and activate an Abyssal Filament. It can be traded as well, which adds economic opportunities.

There's a catch though and EVE Online players will quickly find that Abyssal Deadspace energies aren't particularly inviting. You'll have 20 minutes to do what you came for so it's a proper EVE smash and grab.

You won't be helped by the fact the AI is their toughest one yet, supposedly reacting to how seasoned EVE veterans play. Triglavian Collective even uses the unwelcoming environment against you, including plasma clouds and various hostile structures.

It's a high risk, high reward type of situation and many EVE Online players learned that the hard way. Hundreds of quite pricey ships were lost hours into the launch but the rewards are obviously too good not to give it a go.

 Multaplasmids they're called and they're EVE Online's new item modifying units, obviously worth dying for. They're a bit of a lucky roll, seeing as how matching them to and fusing them with your gear multiplies three to four of your gear's attributes by 20-30 per cent, positively or negatively.

Depending on your luck in EVE Online's new real estate, you can get some godlike items to use or sell to the highest bidder. Of course, you can also ruin them so we guess it's safe to say players will pick their battles.

CCP EVE Online logo EVE Online

Into the Abyss also added new blueprints for Triglavian ships, which supposedly do more damage that any other EVE Online ship in that class. There are reportedly three new ships and expect them to swarm the EVE universe pretty soon. As for the Plasmids, we'll see what the crystal ball says.

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