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Europa Universalis IV Patch 1.34 List of Future AI Changes

Published: 02:20, 20 July 2022
Paradox Interactive
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Europa Universalis IV

The developers are hard at work on making patch 1.34 of Europa Universalis IV kick the game into a new level of quality. Here are the changes we ca, broadly, expect coming when it comes to AI.

For EU IV patch 1.34, Paradox Interactive  have worked on making the AI more diplomatic when it comes to peace negotiations, compared to what it was before. Now the AI know exactly what it wants, and players won't be able to fool it into a bad deal by overwhelming it with offers, once it's on the winning side.

However, there are a plethora of smaller changes implemented as well, which will work in subtle ways to improve the gameplay experience:

  • AI will now properly calculate when to construct Docks based on a multitude of factors such as sailor percentage, idea group choices, capital position, and more.
  • Fixed that AI sometimes deleted all forts right after a bad war.
  • Fixed another case of AI deleting forts unnecessarily.
  • Fixed bug that 'Conqueror' ruler personality made AI delete all/most forts.
  • AI is less keen to build a fort in the capital (though still preferred). This will somewhat reduce the fort slog in Central Europe.

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When it comes to game-breaking bugs, the developers have taken care of two major ones:

  • Fixed bug that AI could add provinces to HRE when emperor, even if not a member
  • Fixed bug that AI could use Break Alliance for Favors diplomatic action with Leviathan disabled.

Included among those are also changes to Ai's behavior with adjacent battles and defending territory,a s the AI will now take priority ofboth, before sending its armies on a long march for an arbitrary goal.

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