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Europa Universalis IV Offers Scandinavia as a Formable Nation

Published: 01:14, 22 June 2022
Paradox Interactive
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Europa Universalis IV

 The latest dev diary takes a look at a fan favorite of the Scandinavian region: Scandinavia itself. While the unified country of Scandinavia was never a real country, it doesn't have to be so in the game.

As Scandinavia is a formable with little historical ties devs have decided to make its mission tree into an extension of pre-existing mission trees of Sweden, Denmark, and Norway.

The newly gained missions are either an expansion of the current playstyle or are mirroring key missions from the other Scandinavian Kingdoms.

Sweden receives three new branches of their mission tree, and two additional missions expanding the Caroleans and Hakkapeliitta even further, for a total of 13 new missions.  As Denmark, your missions for the Indian subcontinent get expanded even further.

“Rule over West India” and “Dominate North India” give you claims on the vast Indian regions while the “Crown of India” finishes this path of the mission tree with a permanent modifier which increases Trade Steering by 20% and Trade Company Governing Cost by 25%.

Paradox Interactive Europa Universalis IV - Yes, smaller numbers are better Europa Universalis IV


As Norwegian Scandinavia, your New World ambition gets expanded way beyond North America. Do note that the “Dominate North America” and “Control South America” are not only about colonizing these continents but also about keeping your rivals and enemies away from there.

Norway gets the most missions out of all three, with 17 new missions should you form Scandinavia as Norway. If someone else forms Scandinavia, though, the mission tree gets modeled after the German one, as they are both formable during the late game.

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