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Europa Universalis IV Zombie Regiments Bug Changed in Patch 1.34

Published: 06:14, 27 May 2022
Paradox Interactive
Europa Universalis IV - Yes, smaller numbers are better
Europa Universalis IV - Yes, smaller numbers are better

We can't say if we love or hate the so-called, Zombie Regiments. However, one thing is certain. Developers have a plan in mind for them, because, if you can't beat them, join them!

Europa Universalis IV has always had a bug, though some would call it a feature, called Zombie Regiments. In 1.34, regiments will always retreat and be replaced once either strength or morale reaches 0, removing the 12-day invincibility.

Additionally, an obscure condition for stack wipes based on the remaining morale of defeated regiments has been removed. You probably didn’t know about it), but it started mattering when 0-strength full-morale regiments were immediately retreated.

All in all, stack wipes are now much more viable than in 1.33, but still less viable than in 1.32 if the losing side has more than a full front row of decent-morale troops.

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor policies Europa Universalis IV

In addition, changes to insufficient support have been made. Insufficient Support currently works by applying a flat -25% Military Tactics to all troops of an army that has too much cavalry, even if it’s just 1 knight above the limit. Although it’s made a bit more complicated by counting armies from different countries separately, as well as mercenaries.

In 1.34, this will instead be a scaling penalty of -1% Tactics per percentage point of cavalry/infantry ratio above your limit. The ratio will be calculated based on all deployed front row troops on your side, while the limit will be calculated individually per regiment. Only cavalry gets affected by the penalty. 

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