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Europa Universalis IV All Changes in Patch 1.34

Published: 06:01, 04 May 2022
Paradox Interactive
Some of the Disaster events that await Mali at the start of the game
Some of the Disaster events that await Mali at the start of the game

The next Immersion Pack of Europa Universalis IV will be centered around the Baltics. But before that, they shared the changes in patch 1.34 so can get a feel for it ahead of time.

Branching missions are quite a success, and players are appreciating the flexibility of this new design, developers say. Because of that, we can expect them to continue with this philosophy for the Baltics.

Additionally, gaining Development from buildings was an interesting experiment. Although it was not as overpowered as many players have claimed, its snowball effect is something that stops at the current level of implementation.

Special units, on the other hand, are one hell of a problem child to balance around. The Cawa units have shown that they have their niche, but they never really made it to become something of a backbone of player forces.

When it comes to Mali, though, the experience is probably the most polarizing one in EU4, Players either love the punches given to you by the game, or absolutely despise the rebel spam.

Paradox Interactive Europa Universalis IV - Yes, smaller numbers are better Europa Universalis IV - Yes, smaller numbers are better

With that being said, in the Baltic DLC developers want to have a similar on-the-edge experience for one of the nations, but not in the form of rebel spams. How this can be achieved, and if it will be achieved in the first place , is yet unknown.

And finally, the estate privileges and the new formables which came with the free content patch have been received very positively too,  especially the Religious Diplomats. So, on that note, Paradox want to continue this trend of adding region-specific content to the DLC, while more common additions, such as estate privileges or government reforms, will be part of the free patch. 

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