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Europa Universalis IV: Emperor dev talks about hegemons and revolutions

Published: 20:23, 08 June 2020
Updated: 20:26, 08 June 2020
Europa Universalis IV: Emperor screenshot showing three characters
Europa Universalis IV: Emperor

Paradox Interactive's development of Europa Universalis IV: Emperor included a rework of revolution, in order to make more akin to the revolutionary upheavals of the era.

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor's game designer Henrik Hansson said that the new system is a more nuanced solution, which hopefully translates to a more rewarding experience. 

The team wanted to emulate the way how revolutions spread and propagate in real life, so the resulting system is more like a spread of ideas across the land. Europa Universalis IV: Emperor will eventually make the choice between being revolutionary or more of an old-school guy, where each one carries own perks. 

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor also has new ways how to become revolutionary, and you can even create revolutionary client states. 

Paradox even took care to accurately model the French absolute monarchy, implementing Zeal as a means to differentiate between nationally embedded revolutionary ideals. 

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor also adds Hegemons, which are on the other side of the nuance spectrum. You're basically declaring you'll conquer the entire world like Alexander the Great, or Genghis Khan. Of course, your announcement comes with a big target on your head, so Hanssen advises using this when you're absolutely certain of your victory. 

Paradox reworked a bunch of things for Europa Universalis IV: Emperor, including the Vatican and a large chunk of the map from France to Balkans, in order to better suit the newly reimagined mechanics . Also tweaked was the Holy Roman Empire, as players will have to handle major imperial incidents in their campaigns.

Paradox Interactive Europa Universalis VI: Emperor map Europa Universalis VI: Emperor

Europa Universalis IV: Emperor launches tomorrow, June 9, 2020.

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