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ESPN and Walmart hop on the video game scapegoating bandwagon

Published: 20:34, 09 August 2019
Apex Legends' new character, Wattson
Apex Legends, Wattson

Following another wave of video blame game after the shootings in USA, ESPN decided not broadcast an Apex Legends tournament "out of respect" for the victims while Walmart pulled promotional material for some games but kept selling guns.

USA media seems to be hell-bent on blaming video games for mass shootings once again, despite overwhelming evidence that they are not related.

Still, this didn't stop ESPN from pulling their coverage of an Apex Legends tournament. The hour-long recap of XGames Apex Legends EXP Invitational was supposed to air on Sunday, 11 August 2019 but was subsequently by E:60 - Forever Broncos.

Apex Legends is a battle royale and certainly fits the bill of the violent video games that are being blamed for the latest batch of mass shootings in USA. Several studies have found between the two and scapegoating video games may sound asinine after so many attempts but that's not even the most ridiculous part.

That (dis)honour goes to Walmart. Apparently, the employees were told to remove promotional material that showed violent video games. Now, with the heat tossed at shooter games by the politicians, this wouldn't sound like a stupid move normally,

A good story tends to have a good plot twist though and Walmart's story has a rather stupid one - promotional material for shooter games was but actual guns that can kill people, unlike the promotional material in question, are still sold as if nothing happened.

It seems like the circle is about to repeat again with empty gestures and no actual action to curb the mass shootings. Video games are soaking up the blame and guns are freely sold, readily available for persons who shouldn't be allowed near them.

Tina Sanchez, Twitter Apex Legends developers in mocap department Apex Legends team

Just in case the Walmart situation sound too absurd to be believed, Vice confirmed that the memo on the linked picture and USA Today that gun policy at Walmart has not been altered at all.

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