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Escape from Tarkov: New Lighthouse bosses revealed

Published: 22:18, 05 April 2022
Battlestate Games
Knight rogue boss
Knight rogue boss

Earlier today, Battlestate Games teased the fans with photos of new Rogue bosses. Here is what we know so far.

During the podcast on Friday, Battlestate Games announced they will introduce new Lighthouse bosses, and earlier today they fulfilled their promise by posting pictures of the new bosses, without any additional context.

Three bosses were shown: Big Pipe, Knight, and Birdeye - the sniper.  

What we know for now is that they are Rogue bosses, who will mainly be positioned on the new map The Lighthouse, and their duty, as it seems, will be to protect the first in-game trader, the Lighthouse keeper, whose design was also shown after the Friday's podcast.

On some earlier podcasts, Nikita mentioned that one of the bosses guarding the in-game trader will be a sniper, so it's safe to think that at least he will be a part of a squad protecting the Lighthouse keeper from the players, if not all of them. 

Bird-eyes' weapon of choice is a modded Remington R11 RSASS 7.62×51.

Battlestate Games Birdeye Birdeye

Visually they are different than other Escape from Tarkov bosses, especially Knight and Big Pipe who look like they got out of Call of Duty's Warzone.

What had fans most excited about was the grenade launcher in the arms of the Big Pipe, as grenade launchers are yet to make an appearance in Escape from Tarkov. 

As with every addition, some fans are skeptical about how will it shape the game and will it be a too powerful weapon,  while others welcome it with excitement. 

One thing is for sure, fighting squads as a solo won't be the same.

Battlestate Games Big Pipe boss Big Pipe boss

The exact date when the new Rogue bosses will make an appearance is still unknown. 

One possibility is that some of them will be deployed as the Rogue leaders in the water treatment plant. The other possibility is that they will be added together with the Lighthouse expansion, which was talked about and shown, on the previous podcast.

When the Lighthouse expansion will see the light of day is yet to be revealed, however, we do know that it won't be as soon as some other changes like DLSS, repair kits, and instrument items.

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