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Epic Games: Tencent not our owner and have no say in EGS

Published: 10:44, 22 March 2019
Updated: 08:15, 08 April 2019
Logos of Epic Games and their partner Tencent
Epic Games, Tencent

You probably heard this one a million times by now - Epic Games are owned by big bad Tencent, and this ''fact'' keeps getting chucked around in the company's social accounts, but this time - the question was asked on the big stage

Epic held a Q&A session at the Game Developers Conference, where Steve Allison, Sergey Galyonkin and Joe Kreiner answered to questions from the crowd.

One of the questions, however, was about the Unreal Tournament community, and a fan wanted to know whether it was Tencent's idea to abandon the project. 

Allison ended up replying, starting off by clarifying that Tencent "has no, zero, input into [Epic's] business. They do not talk to us about what we are doing. They don't suggest what we should be doing. They don't make any decisions for us".

Just to jog your memory, Tencent bought 40 per cent ownership in Epic Games back in 2013, after shelling out $330 million. Other than the cash, the deal provided Epic with a seasoned veteran in the games as a service model, which indirectly paved the way to Fortnite. 

Nevertheless, many fans remain convinced that Tencent is still the boss in that equation, even though the question of whether Tencent has anything to do with the Epic Games Store was quickly shot down by Allison.

"Everything we do is with our team, and the final point of conversation when it goes up to the top is Tim [Sweeney]. And Tim does not take any orders from Tencent. Believe me", he said.

They reiterated that Tencent is a partner but nowhere close to running Epic's business. Considering the fact that Tencent run PUBG, they even argued that they're actually competitors. Granted, it's been a while since anyone called PUBG a Fortnite competitor, but never mind.

Epic's Game Store has been under fire ever since the Steam launch of ended up being cancelled in the last few weeks, with fans lambasting the company for their aggressive, exclusive-reliant strategy.

4A Games Picture of Artyom wandering around a train in Metro Exodus Metro Exodus

As for Epic's ownership, we somehow don't doubt we'll keep seeing Tencent's name thrown around, in spite of the company's clarification.

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