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Epic Store free game Slime Rancher is available, Oxenfree is next

Published: 23:35, 07 March 2019
Monomi Park
Slime Rancher

Sticking to their two-week schedule, the Epic Games Store has rotated its free game offer and the retro adventure Thimbleweed Park has been replaced by Slime Rancher, a delightful and quite uplifting space farming sim by Monomi Park.

If you're a fan of farming simulators then you might want to prepare yourself for quite probably the cutest of them all, as Slime Rancher simply oozes cuteness, no pun intended.

Players control slime rancher Beatrix LeBeau, who changes residence from Earth to a planet called the Far, Far Range, where she starts a slime enterprise.

Other than that, Slime Rancher follows a pretty familiar farming sim recipe - as you progress, you expand your ranch with new buildings, catch new types of slime, unlock new areas and so on.

If you're not willing to take our word for it, then feel free to check out Slime Rancher's Steam ratings, which are overwhelmingly positive and praise the game for much more than just cuteness, even though that's the part that usually strikes everyone first.

Slime Rancher is free on the Epic Games Store until 21 March 2019, when it will be replaced by Oxenfree, a supernatural thriller adventure by Night School Studio.

Oxenfree follows Alex, a teenage girl whose trip with friends to a local island turns into a supernatural nightmare, leaving it to the youngsters to unravel the mystery and stay alive.

The game is notable for quite an engaging story and dialogue options that appear in speech bubbles, rather than waiting for players to make their choice, as well as Alex's usage of radio to solve puzzles.

Just like the rest of Epic Games Store's freebies, Oxenfree will be free for two weeks, i.e. from 21 March to 04 May 2019, after which Epic will come out with a new freebie.

Night School Studios Oxenfree Oxenfree

Note that Night School Studio was formed by Sean Krankel and Adam Hines, who left their posts at Telltale Games back in 2014, long before there was any talk of the studio , so if there's one thing you can expect from Oxenfree - it's quality storytelling.

Slime Rancher, life sim by Monomi Park and Skybound Games

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Slime Rancher

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