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Epic showcase next 8 exclusives in their PAX West 2019 trailer

Published: 17:58, 29 August 2019
Pillow Castle Games
A dark room from the game Superliminal

Epic Games have showcased eight upcoming exclusives in their PAX West 2019 trailer, and this latest batch includes the whimsical farming simulator Ooblets, flying city-builder Airborne Kingdom and even brings The Alto Collection to PC.

Chances are you've probably heard about Ooblets from the , but you can learn more about that from the link. Players will manage their farms, grow and train their ooblets in the cuteness-overloaded world of Oob.

The second game in Epic's trailer is called No Straight Roads and takes you to Vinyl City, where you'll fight a massive EDM empire of the mega-corporation NSR. Indie rock band and a revolution - quite symbolic for the Epic Games Store by the way.

"Explore the infinite and master the impossible in this first-person exploration game that reimagines physics and architecture", Epic wrote about Manifold Garden, which is indeed the closest you can get to describing it in short.

Superliminal takes puzzle games to a whole 'nother level as players will have to change perspectives and manipulate the world around them to solve puzzles. Developed by Pillow Castle Games, mind-bending is about right for a description.

Wattam takes players to a whimsical titular world, where they'll have more than 100 quirky characters to play with. "See what kind of silly things happen when you push the limits of the game’s physics and animations to create crazy and comical results. Go ahead and goof around", Epic wrote.

The Alto Collection is Alto's Adventure and Alto's Odyssey rolled into one, and this is the games' PC debut. You'll be snowboarding across procedural, minimalist environments, with an awesome soundtrack to boot.

Airborne Kingdom is a city management game, that lets you explore the gorgeous landscape while doing so. Grow your tribe and don't tip over - that's about the gist of it, but the game is quite deep, not to mention beautiful.

The Wandering Band LLC A floating city from the game Airborne Kingdom Airborne Kingdom

Last but not least is The Eternal Cylinder, which is a different take at open-world survival / adventure genre. "You'll control a herd of adorable creatures through a strange, surreal alien world. Explore gorgeous biomes and ecosystems while avoiding The Eternal Cylinder - a mobile megastructure that has destroyed and absorbed countless civilizations", the developer Ace Team wrote.

Ooblets, a super-cute life simulation by Glumberland

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