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Epic Games roll out a quick fix for Fortnite's patch v8.40

Published: 13:18, 19 April 2019
Epic Games
Fortnite: Battle Royale

Fortnite's update v8.40 may have been light on weapons but it seems it didn't lack in bugs, and Epic rolling out v8.40.1 is proof enough. The bugs weren't exactly game breaking but they did cause a lot of confusion, so Epic to the rescue.

All of the Fortnite modes suffered to some extent, with throwable items, for instance, not dealing damage if they were the last in their stack. Also, the Shop's countdown timer should now be in order.

As far as Fortnite: Battle Royale-specific bugs go, many players noticed being dropped to a lower division in Arena, and Epic claim that this was strictly a visual mistake. In short, your ranking is just fine and should be restored by now.

Perhaps the most ridiculous Fortnite bug, although we see how some may find it infuriating, was reserved for the Deep Fried Food Fight LTM, which saw Blackheart's beard sprouting like wild growth until it took up most of a player's screen. 

You can see an example of the Blackheart bug on the video above, and Epic promised that "he has visited a barber and his beard is back to its previous glory."

Another bug that hit Food Fight LTM is the one that affected nameplates and ally indicators, whose absence caused some ruckus on Fortnite's Reddit page, but the dev reacted quickly enough.

Some Fortnite players noticed that playing a match of the game's new mode renders bushes nonenxistent in subsequent games, regardless of the mode, which has been fixed.

Last but not least are some Fortnite mobile control issues. "Extra buttons on mobile devices weren't functioning properly when quickly alternating between clicking dedicated weapon select and building buttons", the dev wrote, and, naturally, Fortnite v8.40.1 fixes that too.

Epic Games Reboot Van, Fortnite's version of respawn system Fortnite, Reboot Van

Peculiarly enough, many players are calling for Epic to revert Fortnite to pre-8.40 state, as they claim that performance spikes are becoming untolerable, although others claim it has been this way ever since the game kicked of with Season 8.

You can find Fortnite's v.8.40.1. patch notes on the official website


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