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Epic reveal Fortnite's stat changes ahead of tomorrow's update

Published: 22:10, 12 February 2019
Epic Games
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Crossbows will come in Rare and Epic variants

Epic Games are running a bit late with Fortnite's 7.40 update, which is expected to land tomorrow, 13 February 2019, but already there are some significant features. The latest one is about stats as Fortnite players are getting Stats v2.

According to the post on Epic's website, Stats v2 is basically tracking of stats on all platforms via a single, unified database. The current stats system apparently "couldn't scale properly for all platforms".

What this means for your Fortnite career is that you can track all of your play on different platforms, along with all the previously earned stats.

In fact, this seems to be the main question everyone's asking and the answer is yes - all your stats "will be added and displayed in-game". The company did leave themselves some wiggle room by saying that "a few minor edge cases" could result in missing Fortnite data, but it's safe to expect most of it intact.

Note however that stats tracked from Fortnite's limited time modes will be lumped into their own stat category, which effectively means that your Solo, Duo and Squad tabs will be lighter by as many LTM related entries as you've played.

Epic wrote that the only exception would be Fortnite's large team mode LTMs, for which they don't track stats.

The company already delivered a tease of the features due in Fortnite's , such as planes no longer smashing through structures and ziplines coming with interaction prompts and damage immunity.

Fortnite's splash screen has been teasing a new weapon as well, the infantry rifle, which looks like a variant of the hunting rifle. We're likely to see the return of Cupid's crossbow from last year, or at least something love-themed.

There are also overtime challenges coming with the 7.40 update, which come in addition to daily ones and are all about winning some sweet looking cosmetics.

Epic Games Three Fortnite characters in Valentine's Day cosmetics Epic Games

Note that all Fortnite players will be getting double the XP for every weekend until 27 February 2019, as part of Epic's Share the Love event.

You can find Epic's Stats v2 announcement .

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