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Epic Games nerf Fortnite's Baller vehicle by 100 HP

Published: 15:10, 12 April 2019
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Fortnite - The Baller

Epic seem to be having real trouble making the Baller fit into Fortnite: Battle Royale, in spite of the fact it launched almost a full month ago. The dev nerfed its health by 100 HP, which they claim was the best possible solution.

Introduced in of March's first , the Baller seems to have trouble fitting in, or in other words, nothing has changed since its launch.

You may recall that Epic were forced to the Baller less than a week from launch, as users found a way to traverse insane distances by exploiting the heck out of its grappling capabilities.

Epic wrote that their 8.20 patch notes mentioned adding the ability to shoot through the glass, but it seems that their internal testing didn't really give the expected results.

Instead, Epic decided to drop the Baller's HP from 300 too 200, which they think is better for the game itself. "We've played with shooting through glass and it didn’t feel like the right solution", they wrote in a  Reddit post.

Some users point at the recently released Fortnite mini-patch, which addressed dual-core performance, as the culprit for frame drops as of late, and quite few users have joined them in these complaints. 

Epic are investigating all the issues, as we're talking about serious performance drops, but we're yet to see what exactly went wrong.

Fortnite has recently received the update to , which introduced Epic's versions of Respawn's respawn system from Apex Legends, albeit with a few tweaks of their own.

Namely, Fortnite's version brings players back into the game with a common pistol, 36 light ammo and 100 of building material, which is a nice change compared to Apex's naked return from the dead. If you ever played it, chances are you know the feeling of running around in hope of finding a weapon.

Also, Reboot Vans aren't rendered unusable by usage, as in Apex, but rather rely on the cooldown timer, which counts 120 seconds until the next usage.

Epic Games Fortnite's latest addition - Reboot Van Fortnite, Reboot Van

You can find Epic's announcement of the Baller's nerf on Reddit .

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