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Epic Games to ease off on exclusives and avoid Metro Exodus cases

Published: 13:42, 22 March 2019
Deep Silver
Screenshot from a promotional video for Metro Exodus
Metro Exodus - No Epic Store in sight

Epic Games' aggressive entry on the digital video game distribution market will change over time according to the Epic Games Store head, who also stated the company will be looking to avoid situations like the one with Metro Exodus.

Epic Games have definitely picked up some bad attention with their aggressive approach to entering the digital distribution market for video games. This is mostly due to the string of timed exclusives that were pulled from other digital storefronts for one year after each game's release.

Phoenix Point, The Outer Worlds and Metro Exodus caught the most attention so far but there is a pile of other games that were announced as Epic Games Store exclusives. According to Steve Allison, this trend is not going to continue forever and the company hopes people will eventually just come to the store. Otherwise, it is only a matter of time before "the rest of the industry matches [Epic Games]" on the revenue split.

As a result, Epic Games "will definitely not be doing exclusives at this scale for a long period of time". This may not come as a surprise to that many people since paying for exclusives all the time while only taking a 12 per cent cut doesn't really sound like a sustainable model.

On the other hand, Epic also didn't say they would stop with exclusives - only that they will not be doing them as much.

Allison also touched on the subject of Deep Silver and the mess they made of Metro Exodus release, after the game was available for preorders on Steam while getting promotion from the platform. He stated that Epic "knew there would be some pushback there" and that the company wants to avoid it in the future.

4A Games Picture of some dudes in Metro Exodus Metro Exodus

The statement comes in an interesting time as Private Division did exactly the same with The Outer Worlds at GDC 2019, the same event where Allison Epic wanted to avoid such controversies in the future. To be fair to Steve Allison and Epic, it is possible the deal went through before the Metro Exodus backlash, but it remains to be seen whether his words will ring true with future exclusivity deals.

Metro Exodus, screenshots fresh from 4A Games' oven

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Metro Exodus

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