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Epic Games sued over Llama loot boxes in Fortnite: Save the World

Published: 20:46, 04 March 2019
A Llama shaped pinata from the popular game Fortnite
Fortnite's Llama shaped loot pinata

Even though Epic Games have already done away with RNG based Llamas in Fortnite: Save the World back in January, it doesn't seem it was soon enough as they are now being sued by a parent of an underage player over deceptive practices.

General trends, as well as a healthy dose of European judiciary, made many companies aware of the predatory nature of randomised loot boxes, so Epic followed in suit by introducing X-Ray Llamas, which show you exactly what you get.

Nevertheless, the lawsuit is about the RNG period and accuses Epic of violating the Consumer Legal Remedies Act, California's False Advertising Law and Unfair Competition Law, as well as of unjust enrichment.

The plaintiff alleges that Epic intentionally misled users into thinking they've got good odds of winning prime loot, while in reality they "are next to nothing". He claims that users would've never bought them if they knew what the chances were. 

 "Plaintiff, like hundreds of thousands of consumers, fell for Epic's deceptive sales practices and purchased Epic's Llamas hoping for rare and powerful loot. Plaintiff did not receive that desired loot and never had a realistic chance of doing so."

Several examples of testimonies from disgruntled players were given, most of which spoke of hundreds of dollars spent in the game, without actually getting what they wanted. 

Furthermore, the case alleges that Fortnite: Save the World is intentionally offered at a lower price point than its competitors to lure players in, but that Epic made it impossible to play past a certain point without having to spend real money.

According to the lawsuit, the plaintiff will seek actual damages, punitive damages, restitution and an injunction "to prevent Epic from continuing to engage in the illegal practices described herein", which is quite peculiar considering that they're gone already.

Epic Games Fortnite, Season 8
Fortnite, Season 8

All in all, it seems that it's not just Epic's dev team that is being tempered in the fires of Fortnite - their legal team is being put through their paces as well.

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