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Epic Games Store launches in China without official announcement

Published: 16:30, 15 May 2019
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Epic Games launched their store in China without official announcements. The store is now available in mainland China as reported by Chinese tech website Techweb. The store can now be accessed and games can be purchased with two methods.

Players and developers in China rejoice, Epic Games Store is now available in mainland China according to the latest report from Chinese website TechWeb, which states that earlier this week, Epic Games "silently unlocked" their store in the region, allowing players to browse and buy almost all games that are currently available on the store.

According to a Reddit post from hzy980512, who claims that he's from China, Epic Games Store supports two payment methods at the moment - WeChat and AliPay. At the time of writing, the store doesn't support Chinese credit cards and it has relatively low regional prices just like Steam.

Redditor also shared some of the prices - games like Borderlands 3 and Sinking City are available for $30, which is substantially lower than in Europe and North America.

The decision to launch Epic Games Store without any official announcement really is odd given that Epic Games usually reveal their game exclusives, partnerships and launches with standard announcements, sent out to various media outlets. For such an important region that counts millions of gamers, it doesn't look like a smart move to launch the store without a proper marketing campaign.

It's possible that the company are trying to keep things quiet due to China's strict videogame approval process. Epic Games Store's main competitor Steam also operates in "grey area", which is something that Epic Games store boss Steve Allison criticised in his interview with .

He said that the way Steam operates offshore is not legal in China, and they don't have offices in the region. It will be interesting to see Epic Games' statement on the matter, which should come at some point given that the story is picking up the pace pretty quickly.

Epic Games fortnite screenshot showing slipstreams Fortnite - Season 9

You can check the for a couple of more details on the Chinese version of Epic Games Store.

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