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Mortal Shell gets a release date trailer two weeks ahead of launch

Published: 05:28, 06 August 2020
mortal shell artwork showing combat
mortal shell

Souls-like fans will have another treat less than two weeks away from the release date announcement trailer as Mortal Shell is set to come out in the latter half of August 2020.

Mortal Shell is poised to launch on August 18, 2020, on all three platforms simultaneously. There will be no timed exclusivity for either PS4 or Xbox One but there is on PC.

While it will release on the platform at the same time as the consoles, the game will be a timed exclusive for Epic Games Store for a year, meaning Steam users will get it in 2021. It is yet another one in line of games that was advertised on Steam but then switched to EGS exclusivity mere weeks before release.

Considering that Valve added a stipulation in the latter half of 2019 that would force devs and publishers into releasing a game within 30 days of release on another PC platform, it is rather odd to see Mortal Shell announcing timed exclusivity just two weeks before release. The situation is highly reminiscent of the one with Metro Exodus which, among others, prompted Valve to introduce the 30-day restriction in the first place.

Anyway, unlike the recent Souls-like releases that were in settings wildly different from the actual Souls series, Mortal Shell will be much closer to home. 

It is a dark and unforgiving world where players will need to slay scores of monsters, some of which the players will be able to possess in order to unlock new ways to duke it out with others.

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